Development updates

Updated: 4th July 2016

This page highlights the features and improvements planned for Europeana Collections. Priorities may change while we work on certain features.

Our aim is to release new features early and frequently in order to get your feedback to make them better. As such, not everything will be perfect on first release, and we appreciate your patience and help in honing the new and updated services. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

What we are currently working on

  • Improve the display of dates for persons on item pages.
  • Add the ability to browse by colour from item pages.
  • Add an overview page (foyer) for the Exhibitions.
  • Improve the display of facets (filters), especially for mobile users.

What we will work on soon

  • Enable IIIF-support based on IIIF-representation in EDM.
  • Further integrate the Europeana APIs into Collections (show API calls etc.)
  • Add a date facet (filter) for the Europeana Fashion Collections.
  • Make it easier for users to give feedback to Europeana's development team.

Other features planned for Q3 (Jul-Sep)

  • Add support for autosuggestions in search.
  • Begin the development of a thematic Newspaper Collections.
  • Add support for new rights statement.

Completed projects and improvements

Visit our release overview page on GitHub for an overview of completed changes and improvements per version of Europeana Collections. Our aim is to release a new version of Europeana Collections every three weeks.

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